Creation of a teahouse in the East

    • Creation of a teahouse in the East

      Dear inhabitants of the East,

      I am Lady Eflama de Boisvert, from La Bannière du Silence. We are a group of 25 people seeking knowledge to share in our langage (the 3rd language)and to open tea houses all around Mythodea.
      For now, we have opened a few in the North, the South and West.

      I write to you to know if someone can help us sign a contract to open a tea house in a big city (or cities) in the East.
      We would be delighted to meet in person and I will personnally come to the summer campaign and can meet with the people in charge.
      If it is possible, I will bring our biscuits to taste, hoping you will like them.

      We are looking forward to discover the beautiful lands of the East.
      Thank you very much for the attention you will pay to our request,

      Best regards,
      Lady Eflama de Boisvert on behalf of La Bannière du Silence